The Central library of the Falakata Polytechnic caters to students of all departments with its wide collection books and journals. The collection of books in the library is now about six thousand. The book ranges from science to technical to general interest including valuable encyclopaedias.  The library has one wi-fi enabled reading room which is shared by both teachers and students.



Sl. No.WorkshopDepartment
1Carpentry WorkshopMechanical Engg.
2Pattern WorkshopMechanical Engg.
3Fitting WorkshopMechanical Engg.
4Foundry WorkshopMechanical Engg.
5Welding WorkshopMechanical Engg.
6Machine WorkshopMechanical Engg.
7Electrical WorkshopElectrical Engg.
8Electronics WorkshopETC Engg.

Computing Facilities

compFalakata Polytechnic is well equipped with modern computing facilities. It has two computer labs of which Computer Lab – 1 is situated in the ground floor, and Computer Lab – 2 is located at first floor of the main building. Computer Lab – 1 is designing (CAD) lab and Lab -2 is for general purpose use including classes of 1st Year students.

Campus Wi-Fi Network

Facilities Facilities

The campus of Falakata Polytechnic is fully Wi-Fi enabled to reap the benefits of internet revolution for higher learning. It’s a campus area network which interconnect varity of campus buildings including library, academic area, seminar hall, administrative block and student canteen. Network is deployed in such a way that faculty, staff and students can access internet in their laptops, tabs or mobiles.

Conference Room cum Seminar Hall

Polytechnic has one fully equipped Conference Room cum seminar hall with round table and about forty seating arrangement in the 1st Floor. The seminar hall is fitted with projector, modern sound system, amplifier with cordless mouth piece and one large flat screen television.

Hostel Accommodation

Falakata Polytechnic has no hostel facility at present.

Student Canteen / Cafeteria

Canteen or cafeteria is always a place of interest for students. Polytechnic has separate canteen building for both students and teachers. It’s a great place to promote  enjoyment and healthy eating. The canteen is operated by a local lad who takes care of our culinary delight time to time.



Falakata Polytechnic has a huge number of alumni spread across the country. Although we do not have any alumni website or tracking mechanism at present, but we hope that in near future we will get a strong support from our alumni in our endeavor.